5 Items I Can’t Travel Without

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October 3, 2016 0 Comments


As an avid traveler I have become skilled at packing! If you want a glimpse into my suitcase and some tips on how to travel with less, then read on for the 5 items I can’t travel without!

1.) Nike Sneakers

My Nike Free sneakers have walked the ruins of Pompeii in Italy, they have traveled up the steps to Montmartre in Paris, they have roamed the fairytale paths of Park Güell in Barcelona and they have guided me up the slippery rocks of El Yunque in Puerto Rico. Nike Free’s are perfect to wear while traveling on the plane, for any touristy walks you are taking, hikes or work outs at the gym. Lucky you if you hit the gym on vacation! I have paired them with black leggings or jeans in the winter or jean shorts in the summer. They won’t take up extra room in your suitcase if you wear them on the plane and you will be glad to have a comfortable pair of walking shoes while exploring on your trip. I like black sneakers since they won’t show dirt as easy and I tend to wear black jackets or pants so they match nicely and it looks a little dressier. I like the Nike Free sneaker line because they are lightweight, a comfortable fit and they provide great support.


2.) Button up Jean Shirt

A button up long sleeved jean shirt is a staple piece for travel. It makes for a versatile cover-up for many outfits.  I also wear mine on the plane while traveling and pair it with black leggings, a black T and Nikes. A jean shirt is great for casual day outfits or for a throw over in the evening. Button it all the way up, leave it open or roll up the sleeves.  I love wearing mine with white or black jeans or a cotton dress. I found mine at Marshall’s but you can find a few different options at J Crew.


3.) Travel Sized Laundry Detergent

When prepping for an upcoming trip I always purchase travel size laundry detergent. More often than not we have our favorite items of clothing, like those jean shorts that fit just right, and no matter how many outfits we pack we tend to gravitate towards our favorite pieces. Having some detergent to hand wash items that we have worn multiple times helps to save room in our suitcase. Another trick for saving space in your suitcase is to have one travel outfit to wear on the plane on the way to and from your destination. My leggings and t-shirt can be hand washed in the sink, hung up to dry and ready to go for my return flight. I also never seem to pack enough undergarments, oops! It is easy to just hand wash and hang dry some items after the first few days of your trip, so the last half when you usually run out of clean undergarments you will already have a few extra items that are clean and ready to go! Last travel laundry tip, I like to wash my bathing suits after I wear them in the ocean or the pool. I pack a few mismatched tops and bottoms so I don’t need as many pieces and wash them right after I wear them which means you don’t have to travel home with a wet bathing suit in your bag. You can find travel sized laundry detergent at a drug store like CVS or I have seen travel sized pouches at Target.


4.) Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream- Soothing Jasmine and Vitamin E

Flying plus time in the sun, wind or other natural elements dehydrate the skin. I always pack Alba Botanica Hawaiian Moisture Cream because it is thick but not oily and soothes my skin more than a lotion. Weather I am spending the day on the beach soaking up the sun or fighting the wind and snow, I always put on Alba Botanica cream before I start my day to keep moisture locked in and then I replenish again after I wash my face at the end of the day. Alba Botanica uses natural, organic and vegetarian ingredients and the company takes pride in never testing on animals! You can find it at most Targets and Whole Foods.


5.) OZ Naturals Age Defying Natural Tinted Sunscreen

No matter the season, I pack OZ Naturals zinc oxide tinted sunscreen with me for my travels. It has 30 SPF coverage to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, which also helps to prevent premature aging! Ew, no one wants that!  I especially love the tint because it is perfect for adventures, like hiking or zip lining, or just being lazy and lounging on the beach, all times when I don’t want to put make up on because I will just sweat it off and clog my pores. This tinted sunscreen evens out your complexion so you look good without make up coverage and it has natural ingredients, which makes you feel good. It is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMOS or synthetic fragrance. I also love using OZ Naturals Age Defying Natural Tinted Sunscreen while touring throughout the day as it is perfect with a touch of powder over it to keep skin looking fresh while walking the city. It comes in a 2 oz tube, which is great for carry ons.



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