A Social Media Worthy Sunday in LA

· Because Being Basic in LA is Still Really Fun ·

October 28, 2016 0 Comments


LA is hands down my favorite city in the US! The stunning topography and picturesque landscapes, the beautiful weather which makes me want to spend all of my free time outside and the art found in the most obscure places are just a few of the reasons for my love affair with this great city. I dedicate my Sundays to soaking up all this kind of happiness and if you are anything like me you can’t help but snap photos of your creative and fun life moments and share them on your social media feed. Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles on vacation or you’re just a local in need of adventure and some fabulous but basic as ever photos, I want to share my sweet Sunday rundown that is guaranteed to fill your social media with amazing pics! Beware your photos may cause some serious envy! Save time on the research and read on for your social media worthy Sunday in LA:

8:00am Wisdom Tree + Hollywood Sign Hike

Lace up your sneakers, pack a big bottle of water and lather on some sunscreen because stop number 1 is a double whammy of a hike! The Wisdom Tree trail continued up to the Hollywood Sign is an epic hike providing for some LA touristy pictures on not too touristy of a trail. Arrive early, I suggest by 8:00 am or 8:30 am to beat the heat and to score easier on street parking before it fills up. Park on Lake Hollywood Drive and walk up Wonder View Drive until you see the gate closing off the road to cars. Continue through and you will see the trailhead. Set up on the winding, narrow path until you reach Cahuenga Peak with the Wisdom Tree. This is a great place to pause and take time to enjoy the view and reflect. There’s a noticeable peacefulness in this spot that should be given a proper moment. Should you feel inclined to share your inner thoughts a trunk full of journals sits under the shade bearing tree, hint..this makes for cute pic!  In addition to the Wisdom Tree, an American flag has been mounted at the look out point, a small triangular hut has been crafted from tree branches and there are rows of cairns, all which make for nice photo ops for your many social media platforms! Modern Hiker says it’s a 3 miles up and back hike! I would recommend continuing on to Mount Lee Summit so you can check out the iconic Hollywood sign up close! It’s just another 15 minutes from the Wisdom Tree and worth the extra effort. Just think of how good this hike is for your backside if you need some motivation! Altogether this hike will take you about two hours depending how long you stop for pictures. You may want to head back home or to your hotel post hike for a shower and to freshen up, after all you are on an social media driven day so you will want to look your best for the next stops!




tree hut

11:45 am Brunch at Urth Caffé 

I’m sure you’ve worked up an appetite by now, so it’s time to go grab Sunday brunch. We are in LA so you bet my choice is an organic spot! Urth Caffé on Melrose Ave. is a trendy but low key restaurant. Order from the counter, my fav is the Greek Salad, then grab a spot to sit outside. The people watching is amazing, the food is fresh and healthy so altogether it’s a perfect place to grab a bite to eat. Be sure to snag a pic of your delicious lunch!

1:00 pm Break for Coffee 

Grab a coffee to go at Alfred Coffee + Kitchen on Melrose Place. You will be glad you showered and freshened up for your second half of the day because there’s a cute “But first coffee” sign up front which makes for a perfect, but basic as ever, coffee photo! Hey, sometimes people relate to basic the best.  There’s more photo ops inside with quotes that are perfect for holding your coffee cup up and snapping away.



1:15pm Melrose Place Farmers Market

It’s time for a stroll through Melrose Place Farmers Market and the great news is it’s right outside Alfred’s! So take your coffee and wander through. There are beautiful flowers, which always make for great Sunday snaps, produce, jewelry and food vendors. The Farmers market closes at 2pm so make sure to give yourself 30- 45 minutes; you won’t need longer than that.


2:00pm Best Photo Walls in West Hollywood

You must have a good amount of social media worthy photos by now, but if you’re in the mood for a few more pics I suggest walking down Melrose Ave.! There are several amazing and uber popular walls adored by bloggers all over LA. Also, feel free to stop along other walls you think will make great backdrops because there are plenty!  This should give you photos for days!!!  I hope you backed your back up charger! Here are some of the most popular walls:

  • Retna: 8826 Melrose Ave.
  • Pink Wall: 8221 Melrose Ave.
  • Made in LA: 8025 Melrose Ave.
  • Colette Miller Wings: 8401 W 3rd St




What do you think about this LA Sunday line up? Have you been to any of these spots? Scroll down and leave comment 🙂 


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