“Anything outdoors, always healthy,” that pretty much sums up my goals. I’m obsessed with being outside as much as possible. You can pretty much find me hiking in the mountains or exploring the city. I’m a gemini, so I can’t hardly ever stick to one extreme. To me, life is full of moments that turn into memories and I’m not going to find them by sitting inside. Opportunist is what my fiancé likes to call me. I’m always searching for the next experience and I really can’t sit still for a second …seriously! I just want to soak up life, experience adventure, travel and take the general ups and downs of life and learn from them. My interests in nature seep deeply into my infatuation with putting the most organic food into my body. I’ve learned to spend time researching and understanding what I’m consuming because eating good means feeling good! I love sharing all the health benefits of the amazing food I eat and all the delicious organic recipes I learn!

So what is Fruit Stand Fresh…

For most of my life, I’ve kept my thoughts and inspirations in a journal and my photos in a box. I’ve opened myself up to the digital world and started my blog Fruit Stand Fresh as a place where I can capture my adventures, health tips and inspirations found through life’s journey and share them with all of you.  I hope you learn something by visiting my page, whether its a new hike or a fun adventure, a recipe that makes your health improve or a piece of advice that fills your soul up with that good good. 

So come along on my adventure and try to keep up with me if you can! 

Xx Jill E. Gallien