Inspirational + Stylish Adventure

Fruit Stand Fresh is an inspirational and stylish adventure blog for the modern female traveler and explorer. If you desire to soak up as much of the world that you possibly can, because you believe experiences define who you are, then you are at the right place.

Follow my journey as I discover all that the world has to offer. Drawing from my adventures, I will translate my experiences into thought provoking, soul-searching, life quenching words of wisdom and provide tips on how to balance your inner and outer selves so that you find happiness in your soul. From hikes and travel to outerwear fashion Fruit Stand Fresh has you covered.



I’m Jill, a Boston native living in LA. I enjoy exploring the new, opening my mind for adventure and feeling connected to the world and all of it’s beauty. I use writing as a tool for reflecting upon my experiences. I decided to open up and share my thoughts, advice + journey with you. I hope that you find inspiration to feed your soul!


“Traveling is finding bits and pieces of yourself scattered around the world”