Always a French Braid

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March 10, 2017 0 Comments


When I was a pre-teen I sat for hours in the mirror practicing hair and make up. It was fun for me to learn different ways to style my look. I taught myself how to french braid before You Tube and social media existed, simply by the good old fashioned way: trial and error. And I just dated myself! Seriously though ladies, practice makes perfect. If you want to learn how to braid, practice when you aren’t in a time crunch to get out the door and you are trying to get it just right for a night out, practice when you have time on your hands. My best tip for the double french braid is to keep it tight the whole way through, especially when you are getting to the end, which can be the hard part. Keep the hair pulled as close to your head as you can and pull those loops in tight with a little tug right before you cross the next strand. This will help avoid that gap that can happen after the hair is no longer close the back of your head.

I love a good french braid when I am working out or hiking for two reasons; 1. so my hair doesn’t get in my face, I can’t stand this, especially when I am hot and 2. because most likely it is going to get dirty, frizzy or fall out of place, so I might as well have it pulled back to keep it looking good! French braids are also amazing in the summer when it is too hot to have your hair down, and I love that they are in style, which means you can wear them to work or out at night. If you haven’t yet mastered the french braid, give it lots of practice and you will be a pro in no time!