Antelope Valley Boasts Vibrant Super Bloom

March 26, 2017 1 Comments

Antelope Valley, CA is a vibrant place to visit during the spring months, especially this year, as the winter rain yielded an abundance of wildflower activity called the Super Bloom. Nature lovers are flocking to Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to enjoy the fascinating blankets of bright orange poppies and yellow goldfields, which can be seen now through mid to late April. Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is a state park with 8 miles of trails (both paved and dirt), sweeping views of the San Gabriel Mountains and beautiful wildflowers.

Antelope Valley was named after the pronghorns that inhabited the land until the 188os, which oddly enough are not antelope but closely resemble them. The state park is situated in the western part of the Mojave Desert, which means strong winds are common in the springtime. If you are planning to visit Antelope Valley to enjoy the stunning wildflowers, be sure to bring layers of clothing to stay warm.


Important Rules + Information for the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

  • Stay on the trails, walking in the poppy fields within the state park can result in a misdemeanor
  • Picking poppies is strictly prohibited
  • No dogs are allowed
  • Watch out for rattlesnakes, bobcats, coyotes and scorpions
  • Check the website for the most up to date information
  • Poppies curl up in the cold so check the weather before planning your trip
  • Remember this park is in the Mojave Desert and temperatures can change quickly
  • Parking is $10


  • You can park on the main road for free and walk in
  • The park is very crowded during peak bloom so opt for a weekday or early morning visit if you can
  • There is little cell phone reception driving through the valley so bring a printed map or take a screen shot of your directions
  • Explore the area as there are other spots to pull over and take photos that are equally as beautiful outside of the park



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