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Nourishment For The Body + Soul

Ditch the Bread

· My quest to find organic gluten free wraps because I'm obsessed with sandwiches ·

When I find something organic that I absolutely love, I just have to share it! Often times when I am searching for a specific organic food item I have to go to several stores before I find what I am looking for. Most recently, I have been on the hunt for organic gluten free wraps that taste good. […]

Why Fitting In Isn’t That Cool

· Avoid conformity, make your own opinion + embrace individualism ·

  The most important life lesson I have learned in my time on this planet thus far is that fitting in isn’t that cool!  Too often as a society we try to “fit in” with the norm and conform to mainstream acceptance.  We are taught to seek approval from others to validate our own worth. […]