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8 Ways to Eliminate Bloating Caused by IBS

Bloating, IBS and digestive problems are all topics that people generally don’t want to talk about because they are embarrassing! I found solutions that work for me and I want to share my findings, so let’s delve in! For over three months, I suffered from a horribly distended, bloated and uncomfortable stomach. My body was […]

Why I Eat Organic

· And why you should too! ·

  Why I Started Eating Organic In 2009 I battled a serious stomach infection that baffled doctors and took a series of treatments to cure. I lost my appetite, my weight dropped quickly and I couldn’t digest food properly. I went on numerous and aggressive courses of antibiotics to treat the infection. After 6 months I […]

Natural Remedies

· Alternatives to treating pain ·

  To recuperate from pain caused by muscle spasms I always prefer to use natural remedies. I am very aware of what I put in my body, so I often research natural pain relief as opposed to immediately going for the medicine cabinet and grabbing a prescription. It is much healthier on your system to use ingredients […]

Summer Fresh Cocktails

· How to impress your guests with refreshing Cointreau Rickeys ·

It’s summertime and that means lighter, fresher, healthier cocktails are in season! Fruits and herbs are perfect choices this time of year to integrate into a variety of libations. My spirit of choice is Cointreau as the citrus essential oils are an ideal combination with an array of fruit. I was surprised to learn that Cointreau […]