• Inspiration 2: Free to Fly

    June 22, 2016


    Floating weightless in the sky, wings spread out, earth beneath you and nothing but the horizon in view

    No troubles holding you down, no worries…

  • Layers of Blue

    June 19, 2016


    Malibu and her topography are stunning with beauty. Point Dume stands tall over Zuma Beach with views that expand deep into the horizon. Rock climbers…

  • 500 Steps

    June 19, 2016

    Hiking is a sort of therapy for the soul.
    Feeling accomplished about achieving great heights and leaving behind what doesn’t matter anymore because who you…

  • Murphy’s Ranch

    June 14, 2016


    Through rain and foggy skies, I hiked Murphy’s Ranch Trail, which leads to a 1930’s Nazi camp hidden in the Pacific Palisade Hills that was…

  • Chronic Pain + Hiking

    June 7, 2016


    As a sufferer of chronic pain, I find it difficult to introduce a new physical challenge, because I dread the pain that can come…

  • Young + Free

    May 24, 2016


    More often than not I find my mind to be full of unnecessary clutter, including to-do lists on the weekends and overwhelming thoughts of…