Natural Remedies

· Alternatives to treating pain ·

  To recuperate from pain caused by muscle spasms I always prefer to use natural remedies. I am very aware of what I put in my body, so I often research natural pain relief as opposed to immediately going for the medicine cabinet and grabbing a prescription. It is much healthier on your system to use ingredients […]

Summer Fresh Cocktails

· How to impress your guests with refreshing Cointreau Rickeys ·

It’s summertime and that means lighter, fresher, healthier cocktails are in season! Fruits and herbs are perfect choices this time of year to integrate into a variety of libations. My spirit of choice is Cointreau as the citrus essential oils are an ideal combination with an array of fruit. I was surprised to learn that Cointreau […]

Up Close I See Her Beauty

· Finding beauty in nature ·

  This flower is most often passed by without a second glance. Its shades of brown camouflage into the grass that the blazing sun turned mute. The bright blue sky, the vibrant pops of color that the other wildflowers display and the tall green trees that stretch towards the sky, all draw the eye, easily […]