Young + Free

· Dissolve daily pressures and enjoy life ·

  More often than not I find my mind to be full of unnecessary clutter, including to-do lists on the weekends and overwhelming thoughts of where I’m supposed to be in my life, both breading stress, which then catapults into anxiety ridden thoughts, all of which are unhealthy. I generally try to keep my weekends […]

Sunset Over Lake Travis, Austin

· Catching the shades of pink ·

  While on a trip to Austin, TX I caught this jaw-dropping sunset over Lake Travis. The sun put on a show as it dipped beneath the earth’s surface, displaying vibrant colors that resemble a painting, each couple of minutes changing its canvas until it looked like a giant red fireball lighting up the sky. […]

Finding Happiness: Tangled Webs

· Don't allow negativity affect the core of who you are ·

  We are blessed with one journey and throughout our path we encounter roadblocks that sometimes seem impossible to get over. We let these roadblocks wear and tear at our beings and then we notice that the affects start bleeding out into other aspects of our lives. We begin to unravel, getting tangled in a […]