Pushing Limits + Expanding Boundaries

· How I let go of fear ·

August 3, 2016 0 Comments


Yesterday I completed a hike I never thought possible; a 6 mile challenging trail from the bottom of Fern Dell at Griffith Park up 4 hills to the Observatory then straight up the steep off trail route to Mount Hollywood. When I moved to CA five months ago I was not a hiker, I was just a girl who stuck to her physical therapy routine. I was out of cardiovascular shape and winded by walking up a few hills in my neighborhood. With mountains all around me I decided to give hiking a try but remained cautious because of my cervical stenosis, a degenerative spine condition that often keeps me from trying new activities for fear of the pain that comes with it.

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After months of progressively building up strength and gradually taking longer and more arduous hikes, I finally was able to accomplish my goal of making it to the observation deck at Mount Hollywood! I stood in this spot right on the ledge and looked out at the horizon feeling overcome with emotion because climbing up a difficult level trail was something I never thought possible given my cervical stenosis.


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It was in this moment I decided I would no longer be needing the baggage of excuses and fear that used to hold me back, instead I would remember the accomplishment, pride and strength of my journey.


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