The Movement of Changing Weather

· The Art of a Storm Brewing ·

October 25, 2016 0 Comments


I could stare at this picture forever. The way the darker clouds are rolling in over the bright blue sky, that just moments ago let sunshine peak through, captivates the movement of changing weather. The overcast skies project darkness over the ocean which is now turning into layers of hunter green, while foam from the waves’ collision with the sand pushes back into the wide open sea. Mountains in the distance, with houses speckled in them, began to disappear into the deepening gray gloom that the day is turning into. Sunbathers hoping to catch rays of sunshine settle with their view of Santa Monica and its pier, nevertheless still captivated by the art of a storm brewing. Considering this is Southern California, no storm actually proceeds the gloom, the gray just lingers and no rain falls from the sky.

The Movement of Changing Weather / October 25, 2016/© Jill E. Gallien