Topanga Lookout Trail

· Graffiti + Stunning Views of The Santa Monica Mountains ·

December 19, 2016 0 Comments


All too often we set our minds to doing that thing that we really want to do.  We promise ourselves that we will check off our to-do list, that we will take that trip that we have always dreamed off, that we will learn how to play an instrument because we always have wanted to, all with the best intentions, but we don’t quite find the time to follow through with our plans. I have made a promise to myself to hike a different trail every weekend (that I possibly can.)  I have all intentions to sticking to my plan and I have rallied a group of friends to join in the fun. Hiking has been such a great way to explore Southern California and there are so many unique trails with caves, historical sites, graffiti, murals and waterfalls and most of them have stunning views, so I am pretty excited to explore and start checking off my list!


Topanga Lookout Trail in Calabasas has been on my radar for quite some time to explore, so why not make it my first adventure! The trail is a quick 2 mile out and back route that starts just after the intersection of Stunt Road and Saddle Peak Road in the Santa Monica Mountains. My motivation for this hike was to see the graffitied cement slab, which was once used as a fire lookout point, and of course to grab some amazing pictures. If you live in the LA area this hike should definitely be on your list. On a clear day you get views of endless mountains, the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean and you can spot DTLA in the distance. I got so caught up in the amazing views, that I left my phone on the cement slab and had to go back for it, which turned my 2 mile hike into a 4 mile hike. It was a cool, crisp day so I wasn’t mad at it!


Santa Monica Mountains

Topanga Look Out Trail: 2 mile, out and back

Trail Terrain: some paved, mostly dirt, easy

Address: 23300 Saddlepeak Rd., Calabasas, CA 91302


Topanga Lookout Trail /December 19,2016/ © Jill E. Gallien

December 31, 2016