Why Fitting In Isn’t That Cool

· Avoid conformity, make your own opinion + embrace individualism ·

February 4, 2017 0 Comments


The most important life lesson I have learned in my time on this planet thus far is that fitting in isn’t that cool!  Too often as a society we try to “fit in” with the norm and conform to mainstream acceptance.  We are taught to seek approval from others to validate our own worth. What happened to being confident in who we are? What happened to applauding individualism, to making our own path and standing out in a crowd? If we are too different we often get laughed at, ridiculed, bullied and made fun of. As a result we become afraid of letting our true colors show, hindering self-expression and inner growth. If everyone’s minds are the same then where does creativity fit in? If everyone dresses the same then where does self-expression go? If everyone believes the same things then where does change come from?

I have learned to not just take the opinions of others without forming my own thoughts on the matter.  I am inquisitive and I want what I know and what I believe in to belong to me. If someone else doesn’t agree with my opinion, I’m not going to change my mind to be agreeable; I am going to debate.  For a good portion of my growing years, I accepted what was given to me, be it so variable from food to what I saw on the news. I ate what was put in front of me without inquiring where the food came from and I didn’t question much. Now, as an adult I have spent countless hours researching where our food comes from and how unnatural and toxic non-organic food can be. I have questioned pharmaceuticals and no longer just take my doctors advice and put what is prescribed in my body without fully understanding what it is and if it is really necessary first. I understand that there is much more going on in the world than what is portrayed on the news. I now research various news outlets and non-mainstream blogs, so I can obtain more than one point of view.  Instead of just going with the grain I have learned to have a mind of my own and to question things. 

I no longer find it important to look like everyone else; I want to look like myself and be myself because I am the ONLY me on this earth. I mean how fabulous is Lady Gaga in her 12 inch heels, how empowering is it that Madonna took reign of her sexuality and wasn’t afraid to show her provocative side and how cool is it that Jennifer Lawrence acts like herself, a complete goober; she’s not afraid to show her personality and I happen to find it hilarious.  The point is we are all so different. Maybe Lady Gaga isn’t your cup of tea, but guess what she is someone else’s. So why would we mold ourselves into being what one person thinks we should be, when there is another person who thinks we are fabulous the way we are?

It is not acceptable to fit into a box; we should feel the burning desire to break free from it. 

So avoid conformity, make your own opinion; being certain to stay firm to it, and embrace individualism and uniqueness. Learn to question things and don’t just accept what is fed to you (mind or body), express yourself and be who you really are inside, because you are unique and that should be celebrated! After all, it is so much more badass to create what you think is cool and be confident in that.


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February 10, 2017