· Why adventure is the best high! ·

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Definition: The strong desire to experience and explore life’s endless opportunities.  To seek fulfillment from adventure, travel and expanding boundaries.

Change for some is scary, a safety net and a back up plan, preparedness and staying in the lines are natural for those who find comfort in the known. I however, seek to discover as much as I can about this world and connect to it, to travel every opportunity that I can and to take in and to feel something new by putting myself in environments that I’m unfamiliar with. I strongly believe that in order to have a true sense of who I am, I must follow my wonderlust. Yes, you read that correctly, wonder. Wonder fills my mind constantly and if I don’t follow my curiosity I feel incomplete. Missing out is my biggest fear; regret, not knowing “what if,” pulls at my heartstrings. I am an opportunist and a go-getter so I fully plan on taking advantage of the one life I have to live. I get a sort of high from adventure that is so indescribably fulfilling. This tenacity to explore is in my blood and defines who I am. Whether I’m jetting to a new destination and taking in a different culture, hiking up a mountain and feeling connected to the earth or discovering local art to spark creativity, I’m filling the desire within me to explore, to push my boundaries and to get inspired, all of which makes me feel alive!

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September 17, 2016